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We are two mothers who were moved by the story of a little girl whose life was saved through the generosity, love and care of mothers (and their babies) who were willing to share their milk. This story has brought us all together, and these are our stories.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nursing Moms Are Taking Over Grand Rapids!!

In the coming month nursing moms will be making headlines in Grand Rapids as the Milk For Thought tour bus will be making a stop on July 28 and he Grand Rapids BIG LATCH ON will be breaking records on August 6. Both of these events are meant to promote and support breastfeeding mothers of the past, present and future. They will both be important parts of our history and we hope you will all be inspired to join!

July 28 - Milk For Thought "Latch On America" Tour Bus GRAND RAPIDS
location TBA

45 days - 30+ Cities - 1 Goal
Highlighting how America is taking action to empower breastfeeding mothers.

Come and celebrate breastfeeding, connect with community and share our stories of breastfeeding. We want to hear from anyone who has ever or will ever breastfeed (for any amount of time) as well as anyone who has ever loved or supported someone who has. Your story matters and can help other new and future moms.

August 6 - Grand Rapids BIG LATCH ON
10 - 11AM
Rosa Parks Circle

Breastfeeding mothers of West Michigan UNITE! Together we will try to break the record for most women latched together simultaneously while promoting and supporting breastfeeding. There will be 50 amazing swag bags for the first 50 mothers at the event and two raffle prizes as well provided by businesses in our community who support nursing mothers.

Through these two events a Grand Rapids based list will be created for mothers to find the places where she is "Free To Feed" her baby. The businesses that are on this list will receive information about breastfeeding that they will pass along to their employees to ensure that everyone who works for them is aware of current policy. This will avoid future embarrassments for companies like the Smart Bus who's drive went against policy and tried to kick a mother off for nursing her two week old baby.

These events are more than just breastfeeding events, they are important movements towards understanding and changing our attitudes towards breastfeeding mothers which will help to increase our breastfeeding rates, saving money and lives along the way.