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We are two mothers who were moved by the story of a little girl whose life was saved through the generosity, love and care of mothers (and their babies) who were willing to share their milk. This story has brought us all together, and these are our stories.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Quick Update:

I AM still collecting donated Breast Milk. Some of it still goes to Jayden, but a lot of it is helping local mothers in the Grand Rapids area. Babies with special needs, moms who need help building a supply (you would be surprised how relieved a mom will feel with a freezer bag full of milk in her freezer - often relieving the pressure enough for her milk supply to increase) and even some adopted babies. It's been a wonderful journey and such a blessing to connect these women who have an abundance with women with babies in need. There's always enough to go around! <3

If you have milk to give or need milk for your baby, please e mail me: crowninglotus@yahoo.com