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We are two mothers who were moved by the story of a little girl whose life was saved through the generosity, love and care of mothers (and their babies) who were willing to share their milk. This story has brought us all together, and these are our stories.

If you are interested in donating milk and live in the West Michigan area, please e mail us:

Donated breast milk saves lives.
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OR - to find a way to donate or receive donations locally:

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Donation Pick-Up

The next drop off for donated milk will be on 
February 17, 2011
4 - 7 pm
 Emdin's USA Baby

2885 Lake Eastbrook Boulevard Southeast
Grand Rapids, MI 49512

If you are interested in donating, please bring your individual packages of frozen milk in larger freezer bags. We keep the milk separated by mother. If you have a large quantity, please give us a heads up through e mail so we can be ready. Thank you SO much!

 If you have any questions please feel free to e mail me at willow_moonspirit@yahoo.com.

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