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We are two mothers who were moved by the story of a little girl whose life was saved through the generosity, love and care of mothers (and their babies) who were willing to share their milk. This story has brought us all together, and these are our stories.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Angela W: Featured Mother Of The Milky Way

We are proud of our Mothers Of The Milky Way! Without you we wouldn't have this precious milk to take over to Jayden and Micheal. Your generosity truly saves lives, and for that, we thank you!

Tell us a little about yourself and your babies:
I have two beautiful babies. Lindsey is 2 1/2 and Noah is 9 months. I only nursed Lindsey for 3 months because I did not know about support groups and had a hard time doing it alone. I am still nursing Noah and loving it!

What was your motivation to nurse your young?
 The nutrition and the bonding is what got me to want to nurse my children.

How did you find out about donating your breast milk and/or Jayden's story and what motivated you to get involved?
 I found out about Jayden's story at baby beloved and just felt motivated to donate what milk I could. And, since I am not working and I had pumped extra to help the process along for my son I found no reason not to give it. If something ever happened with my children I would hope others would do the same to save a life.

Do you have a message for Jayden and Micheal?
 To Jayden and Michael, you are beautiful children and I hope you keep growing strong.

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  1. Are u willing to wet.nurse if so my name isjorden my cell is 6163374890 mom died givinh birth so no milk i live in grand rapids mi