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We are two mothers who were moved by the story of a little girl whose life was saved through the generosity, love and care of mothers (and their babies) who were willing to share their milk. This story has brought us all together, and these are our stories.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Jayden NEEDS Milk - Please Read & Help Us Spread The Word!!

Hello lovely mamas - we need your help!  

Jayden was doing very well for a while, so we slowed down on collecting milk for her. Unfortunately, Jayden got sick and was hospitalized and isn't doing very great. The family does not have enough milk for her right now and are desperate for breast milk donations.

If you or anyone you know has ANY extra milk to give, please contact us immediately.
Juliea Paige CD(DONA) - 616.633.5787
Laura Dillivan - 616.558.6955

UPDATE: We will be attending the Art Prize Nurse In, Let The Revolution Begin With Us event Saturday, Sept. 24 from 1-4 PM at The Waters Building (161 Ottawa, suite 112)
 If you have milk to give, you are invited to bring it to the event and join us for the nurse in! 
For details click HERE

Please, share this post with your friends and loved ones. You never know who might be nursing, who might know someone who is nursing, or even someone who has a stock pile of breast milk they need to get rid of. Your "share" either in breast milk or in spreading the word could help us sustain a life.

Thank you.

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